Seller Frequently Asked Questions


How much should I sell my home for?

Pricing your home is critical. Learn about the pricing strategy we advocate online here.

How long will it take to sell my house?

On average, luxury properties ($1M+) take 140 days and typical homes take ~75 days. Our team aims to close 50% faster. After we've viewed your property, we'll give you a better estimation based on the improvements needed, market condition, and pricing strategy. 

How quickly can we list my home for sale?

24 hours after we take professional photos. Preparing your home for professional photography means we've addressed any improvements prior to listing, which usually takes 5-7 business days.

What are typical seller closing fees?

All in, you can expect to pay ~8% of the selling price. Below are typical closing costs to expect.

  • Broker Marketing Fee = 6% (3% to listing agent / 3% to buyers agent)
  • Residential Service Contract:  ~$575
  • Title Company Fees
    • Owner's title policy:  ~0.75%
    • Escrow Fee: ~$300
    • Tax certificate fee: $50
    • Attorney doc prep fee: $100
    • Courier fee: $20
  • HOA transfer fee: ~$200 (Assuming a home owners association, this amount varies from association to association.)
  • Survey: ~$500 (if you do not have an existing survey).
  • Prorated property taxes: Varies based on time of year & tax amount. You are responsible for the property taxes to the day of closing. If you close June 30, you will pay 50% of one year’s taxes. Most homeowners escrow taxes. If this is the case, you will receive a refund of your tax escrow within 30 days of closing. This refund is typically greater than the amount you paid at closing.

Which items stay with my house, and which items can I take with me?

If you have to remove it with a screwdriver, hammer, or power tool, it stays. Unless specifically excluded, your drapes, window treatments, & TV mounts will stay with the house. Unless specifically included, your washer & dryer and refrigerator will go with you. 

items to convey


Do I need to clean my house before I move out?

Typically, buyers conduct a final "walk through" one day before closing so we suggest all personal items be removed at least 24 hours prior to closing. Although buyers don't always request a cleaning prior to closing, we strongly recommend you have it professionally cleaned to avoid closing delays (and good karma).